Çelebi Ground Handling’s approach to service in the aviation industry is informed by operational perfection, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth. In everything that it does, ÇGH always strives to make progress, create value, and achieve perfection in service standards. As such, it is a company that has proven and distinguished itself through the Çelebi difference and superiority in delivering only high-quality service.
Çelebi Ground Handling’s quality policy is rooted in the principle of continuously improving the services that it provides at international standards so as to create new demand for them in order to maintain its presence in the market and to expand its existing customer portfolio.
Çelebi Ground Handling regards having effective and well-trained human resources and investing to keep its technology current as two cornerstones of its ongoing growth and development. ÇGH’s operations conform strictly to the quality systems preferred by the civil aviation industry. These quality systems ensure that service standards and operational processes are better understood and adhered to by its personnel while maintaining a consistently high level of performance.

Çelebi Ground Handling’s quality policy is rooted in the principle of continuously improving the services that it provides at international standards so as to create new demand for them in order to maintain its presence in the market and to expand its existing customer portfolio.

Quality Certifications

Çelebi Ground Handling’s quality management system is based on precisely defining all service and management processes and on ensuring that the results of those processes can be monitored, quantified, and analyzed so that they may be further developed.
Having identified “key performance indicators” for its operational sub-processes, Çelebi Ground Handling measures and analyzes them on a regular basis. The results of these measurements and analyses are shared with customer airlines at regular intervals. This system was instrumental in ÇGH’s being awarded the AHS 1000 and IATA AHM 804 certifications that are so highly regarded in the airline industry.
The AHS 1000 quality measurement and control system was introduced for the first time in Turkey at Çelebi Ground Handling’s İstanbul station. Although it has been certified at only six stations so far (İstanbul, Dalaman, Bodrum, İzmir, Ankara, and Antalya) it is in active use in all 21 of them.

The ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System certificate that Çelebi Ground Handling was awarded after undergoing an audit in 2003 is proof of the level of management quality that the company aspires to. This certificate acknowledges the existence of a fully documented quality management system consisting of quality manual, regulations, procedures, directives, and forms.
The ÇGH Quality Management System underwent another audit in June 2006 as a result of which, 18 Çelebi stations were awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification.


Chapter 804 of the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM 804) is concerned with the performance measurement, reporting, and sharing of service delivery standards. Çelebi established a new IATA record in 2004 when it simultaneously qualified to make use of the IATA AHM 804 performance measurement system at six stations in a single year. This system is currently certified at the Atatürk, Esenboğa, Dalaman, İzmir, Bodrum, and Antalya airports and it has been deployed at all of the company’s stations.
Work has terminated to obtain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series certificates to document the existing and ongoing quality management system activities being carried out at Çelebi Ground Handling. Çelebi was awarded the certificates at February 5, 2008.

National Quality Movement and the “European Excellence Journey” Program

Çelebi Ground Handling is a member of the “National Quality Movement” that was launched in 2005 by KalDer (Turkish Quality Association) under the slogan “Quality in every aspect of life”. Like the many other companies and organizations that have joined this movement to raise the quality of national life, ÇGH signed KalDer’s “Pact”. This committed the company to identifying the areas in which it was strong and those that needed improvement using the self-evaluation methods based on the “EFQM Excellence Model” developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management and to continuously improving its performance in line with the findings of these self-assessments.
Advancing along the course set by the National Quality Movement, Çelebi Ground Handling completed its first self-assessment in September 2006 with KalDer’s assistance.
As a result of a field visit in which the improvements undertaken in light of the findings of these self-assessments were observed, KalDer awarded Çelebi Ground Handling a “Commitment to Excellence” certificate.
While this certificate is only the first stage of EFQM’s five-step European Excellence Journey Program, it is only given to organizations that are successfully managed and have made genuine progress towards achieving excellence in their activities. Çelebi Ground Handling received the EFQM Competency in Excellence 4 * award in November 2008. We strongly believe that our Company will be successful in its path to receiving the National Quality Award and the European Quality Award.

Environment Policy

Çelebi Ground Handling regards taking measures necessary to minimize the environmental impact of its activities both during their conduct and afterwards as an essential component of its business. In line with this, the company employs an “Environment Management System”, reviews this system periodically and in light of changing conditions, and strives to continuously improve its environment-related performance.
To this end:

  •   Measures are taken to reduce the consumption of all resources (water, electricity, air, lubricants, etc) that are used and targets are set every year in   order to achieve steady improvements.
  •   The company works together with its stakeholders and with its aviation industry and other sector customers to develop environment-related standards   and it fully complies with all environment laws and regulations.
  •   Effective use is made of technology in order to achieve environmental objectives and targets.
  •   Measures are taken to reduce water, air, and soil pollution and the creation of waste and to eliminate, recycle, or reuse unavoidable waste resulting   from its activities in such a way as to avoid causing environmental harm.
  •   All employees are made and kept aware of the environmental impact of activities and of the company’s environment policy.
  •   The environment management system is continuously monitored through a methodical process of environment performance review.
  •   Environmental considerations are taken into account when developing business plans, making decisions, and choosing suppliers.

Çelebi Ground Handling’s avowed goal is to be an organization whose practices make it the most environmentally sensitive company in the aviation industry through an approach that safeguards and enhances the quality of life of its employees and customers.