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Advantages and Opportunities of Çelebi Platinum Aviation Services

Celebi Platinum Business Aviation service is a one stop shop service center for Business Travel, Leisure Travel as well as Luxurious Private Jet travel, focused on the Celebi network but also offering services beyond its network.

The products and services are designed through the eyes of every possible type of traveler. Although Celebi can count on more than 50 years of experience in this sector, we have turned to our existing customer group for help in designing traveler minded products and services.

Besides the products and services we have carefully selected and trained our staff to be extraordinary customer minded. Their approach, grooming and interaction with you will make your journey seeming less.

For any corporate or travel agency memberships, Celebi Platinum Business Aviation is happy to tailor services and conditions according to business volume and or additional requirements. For more information or an appointment with one of our representatives please contact us at sales@celebiplatinum.com